BSU pays tribute to Black History Month


Graphic by Evelyn Shue

RM’s Black Student Union celebrates Black History Month and amplifies Black culture with a spirit week.

Emily Pham, Social Justice Writer

Every February, Black history is celebrated all over the country. Since 1970, this month has recognized and amplified black voices, ideas, and accomplishments as a crucial part of American history.

Locally, schools and communities have created various organizations to bring together Black students. RM currently has their very own Black Student Union club (BSU), which was founded by Emnet Kahsay, an RM Alumni who is now studying global policy at Stanford University. 

During her time at RM, Kahsay, who was part of the IB program, noticed little diversity among her peers. “You could count the number of Black boys in one hand and the number of Black girls in two,” Kahsay said.

Kahsay wanted to create a safe space for the Black community to gather and talk about relevant issues. So, in her sophomore year, she and her friend Jessica Holloway started the RM BSU. From its exodus in her sophomore to her senior year, the club expanded rapidly. 

By hosting diaspora nights, attending club meetings, and sharing knowledge and ideas with fellow Black students, Kahsay immediately felt a greater connection with her classmates.

“I made so many friendships and just built so much because that club grew,” Kahsay said. 

Kahsay hopes the current BSU leaders will continue the traditions from the past, including spirit weeks and diaspora nights, but also expand on them to meet the inter-county vision they always had for it. 

The RM SGA is collaborating with RM BSU, RM African Student Union, and the RM Minority Scholars Program during the week of Feb. 22-Feb. 25 to amplify Black history at RM. Students have organized a spirit week to represent Black culture and honor Black history. The week consists of Tubman Tuesday, where students can rep a Black icon, Wave Check Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Motherland Friday. 

More information can be found on instagram, @rmhs_sga and @rmhsbsu.