How one RM student musician spurs school spirit

“My inspiration is the world around me.”

Hrishita Mareddy

It can certainly be difficult to find time for your hobbies outside of a sweltering school workload. But for some, there are certain  passions made solely to be shared with the world, and that’s exactly what one particular RM student strives to do.

Samuel Desai is a 17-year junior at RM. Outgoing, friendly and charismatic, he also makes music on a regular basis. His artistry was a passion starting in 7th grade. Throughout middle and high school, and quarantine, Samuel has released 1 EP and multiple singles, and is now a verified artist on Spotify.

I spoke with Samuel about his budding music career.

Who are you as a musician? Why do you write music? What’s your inspiration?

I am Desai, Desai’s my last name. 

De$ai with the S as a dollar sign? 

No, there’s no dollar sign.

Oh. I could’ve sworn there was a dollar sign.

Actually there used to be a dollar sign. I got rid of it.


Yeah, I pulled a Ke$ha.


Yeah, so my artist’s name is my last name. I write and produce my own music. My inspiration for music is the world around me. I see things in the world and it’s just like… That’d make a cool song! But oftentimes, my inspiration for music is nothing! Like, I just get song ideas in my head, at the worst times ─ like when I’m falling asleep, when I’m in the shower─, and it’s just like Yeah, that’s tough! I should write that down

The reason why I do music is for my own mental health. It really is important to me that I get my feelings shared with the world And it’s just like a way to open up and express myself and do something that I enjoy!

How long have you been singing and writing for?

You know I actually wrote music from a very young age. When I was 2 [years old] I wrote this song about being stuck in traffic. It was like a banger. And then it really became a thing, you know like I’m gonna actually start making music─ not like Oh we’re stuck in traffic! Here’s a little something I wrote!

But yeah, I started writing music for real in 7th grade.

Describe yourself apart from your music career. What do you like to do?

I play soccer, I’m involved in advocacy at the state-level… 

What advocacy?

So, Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan actually appointed me to his Youth Advisory Board. So I advise the governor and the state legislature on issues and policy concerning the youth. And that’s actually why I’m probably going to testify on HB-150, with composting in schools. 

Why should people listen to you?

Well, I’m cool.


And this is my passion, I enjoy doing it! Music especially in this time and era is about those close to you, supporting local artists! If I like to do this, I might as well just─ It’s really just an incentive to keep doing it if people listen to my music.

And what is one thing you want people reading this to walk away with?

Actually I would like to pivot to an upcoming project, an RM Tide Exclusive. I am currently working on a hype song for RM Varsity Soccer. It’s in the works, and it’s coming [along] well. You know, I’m excited to try new possibilities with my music─ it’s a little bit different from what I’ve written in the past─ but yeah, I’m excited about that!

You can find Samuel on all major streaming platforms under his artist name Desai, and on social media @desaimusic on Instagram and TikTok.