Fans return to indoor games


Photo courtesy od Drippfilms

The RM Boys Varsity Basketball team gets hyped up in a team huddle for their first game back with a live audience.

Talia Kouncar and Rakan MardamBey

After about a month of no spectators, on January 31, fans were finally allowed back in gyms around the county at 25% capacity. This came as a relief to many people who had been keeping up with games through an online streaming service called “NFHS Network”. “The exciting atmosphere was missing. It’s weird yelling through a television screen,” said Louie Kouncar, the father of girls basketball player Talia Kouncar.

“Having no fans was very strange. The gym felt way too empty,” said senior and Girls Varsity Basketball Captain, Una Mekic. At home games, the bleachers on both ends of the gym are pulled out and the gym divider is rolled away. But since there were no fans, the players were playing with only one bleacher out and with the gym divider up. “It felt more like a scrimmage than a regular season game, to be honest,” said senior and boys basketball player Oliver Orcev. 

 “It was really exciting and it brought back that energetic atmosphere that we all missed,” said senior and boys basketball player Jack Kouncar. “I feel like the fans influence us 100% because they erupt the second someone hits a shot and talks trash to the opposing team. It’s obvious that they get into their heads,” said Kouncar.

The boys and girls teams have two remaining regular season games left, an away game on February 15 versus Magruder and a home game versus Poolesville on February 18. The February 18 game is senior night for both teams, so make sure to come out and support your seniors! The girls play at 5:30 and the boys play at 7:15, and the ceremony will take place in between games.