Marcela’s Top Five Rom-Coms


Marcela Ferrufino, Senior Arts Contributor

These five iconic rom-coms, or romantic comedies, in no particular order, are some of the best to have ever hit screens and will surely leave you weeping tears of joy this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t have someone special to celebrate with, watching rom-coms by yourself or with a friend, and eating large amounts of chocolates of course, is a fun Valentine’s tradition that will definitely brighten up your day.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 

The newest on this list is “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, which came out in 2018 and had millions glued to their screen. Not only was it for the compelling plotline of Lara Jean’s (Lana Condor) love letters being mailed out but having to fake a relationship with an old-time crush. Either way, this movie and the absolute undeniable chemistry between Lara Jean and Peter Kavinksy (Noah Centineo), who are one of the very few racially mixed movie couples, had everyone falling head over heels. This film is undoubtedly a must-watch for your Valentine’s Day picks. 

When Harry Met Sally 

The question this film focuses on is, “Can men and women ever truly be just friends?” In this sweet, nostalgic, and funny romance film, characters Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) and Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) decide to find out. With its iconic and hilarious scenes to its intriguing relationship dynamic, along with the lingering question of “Will they ever be together?” This film is surely one to be re-watched every year. 

Love, Rosie

This rom-com is one of the greatest and most frustrating films anyone could ever watch, but above all one of the most exhilarating. Best friends Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins) and Alex Stewart (Sam Claflin) have been deeply in love with one another their whole lives and yet, never found the perfect time to confess it. We watch as they take hundreds of twists and turns and somehow always find a way back to each other. This film will most definitely make you believe that there could be such a thing as destiny.

13 Going on 30

In this feel-good film, Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) embarks on a magical fairytale adventure of going from a 13-year-old girl to a 30-year-old woman overnight. Not only does this rom-com hold an adorable love story between Jenna and childhood best friend Matt Flamhaff (Mark Ruffalo), but it teaches a valuable lesson of always being careful of what you wish for. As Jenna realizes her mistakes in life and changes everything for love, this Valentine’s Day, we’ll sit back with tears in our eyes as we watch it all unravel once more. 

Mamma Mia 

Last but certainly not least, the musical “Mamma Mia” is among these five romance films that will undoubtedly be added to the Valentine’s Day pile this year. There’s no saying no to its frivolity of a plot involving character Sophie Sheridan (Amanda Seyfried) going on a search hunt for her long-lost father to have him walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. Sophie’s mother, Dona Sheridan (Meryl Streep), will soon have no choice but to reunite with her past lovers and possibly new future ones as well. Mamma Mia’s quirkiness and enjoyable musical plotline make it a no wonder why it is so beloved and re-watched by millions.

These five rom-coms all have their own unique magical touch that makes them some of the best romance films to have ever appeared on television. So this Valentine’s Day, grab a bucket of ice cream and some tissues and be prepared to binge watch these incredible films that will leave you both singing your heart out and crying like a baby.