Welcome to The Tide Online


The Tide Online Editors

The Tide newspaper has catered to the students of Richard Montgomery High School for over 40 years. Finally, The Tide is online.

The 2015-16 school year marks the first year that The Tide has adjusted to the ever-changing realm of modern journalism. Fewer people read print newspapers, while online news is at an all-time high. In an effort to catch up with the times, and represent the RM community better than ever, The Tide is now online at thermtide.com.

The goal of The Tide Online is to be the instantaneous voice of the student body. After every major sporting event, articles will go online with photos of the action, including those taken by fans. For students who were there, they can relive it, and for those students who were not, they will wish they had been. Students can tweet to @RM_Tide to share their photos for a chance to be included in the articles.

The Tide has been handed to students for decades, but now it is available for parents and the Rockville community as a whole to see what is happening at RM. The Tide will now be widely available. The eyes will be on the Rockets, the sports teams, clubs, and SGA.

The Tide Online is dedicated to much more than just athletics at RM. The Black Maskers, RM’s drama department, will be covered more extensively than possible in the print edition. SGA events, as well as other clubs like Robotics, will be covered more than is possible in the limited 24-page print edition.

The Tide newspaper will not be neglected at all, it is merely expanding. The Tide’s Editors in Chief, Nikita Sardana, Grace Cheung, Cynthia Song, and Andy Kostka thank the hard work by Rachit Agarwal, Kevin Pan, Hana Huie, Fonda Shen, and Sofia Bhalwani to set The Tide Online in motion and help lead The Tide and RM into an exciting new time in our history.