Gutmann sticks with success on the ice


Photo courtesy of Luke Gutmann

Gutmann remains in his defensive position, awaiting the other team’s offense to approach.

Ava Lunenfeld, Sports Writer

For the past 3 years, junior Luke Gutmann has proved to be one of the most hardworking players on Richard Montgomery’s Ice Hockey team. As a captain, Gutmann has become a dedicated leader and is considered by coaches and teammates to be one of the most skilled players on and off of the ice. 

Gutmann has been playing hockey since he was about three years old. “My whole family has always played hockey,” Gutmann said. “I grew up in a big hockey environment.” His older brother and a former captain, Trevor Gutmann, acted as a role-model for Luke during their time playing together in high school. Their shared love for the sport has made hockey into more than just a hobby for him. 

“As a newer player, he’s really good at coaching me and other players up,” senior and teammate Jack Karkashian said, “Obviously, he’s very skillful.” 

As a pillar on defense, Gutmann is responsible for protecting the goal, and preventing opposing players from scoring. However, his position does not limit his talent to offensive opportunities. 

His offensive capabilities have been put on display as of late, most notably in a recent game against Wootton High School. Gutmann found the back of the net four times, including the game-winning shot.  “He scored four goals, he was a rock on defense, and he carried the power play and the penalty kill,” Karashian said. “His IQ was on point, and passing was incredible.”

Gutmann’s resilience in game does not go unnoticed by his teammates. “During the Sherwood game, he went in injured, played through it and scored two goals in a game we had to win,” senior Mitchell Bobys said.

Along with the RM team, Gutmann plays for the Montgomery Blue Devils, a travel team outside of school. “Right now we’re ranked in the top 20 in the country,” Gutmann said. “It’s really fun to play with kids that are just as good as you and if not better, so I love playing on that team.”

Though his travel team takes up the majority of his time, Gutmann does not allow it to interrupt his commitment to the RM team. He makes sure to put 100% of his energy on the ice when playing in school games. “I love playing with the RM team because I think it’s fun to play with kids from your school,” Gutmnn said. 

Moreover, Gutmann has led the RM hockey team to new heights in his athletic career. Last year, the team was brought through the playoffs, all the way into the state championship. “That was a huge accomplishment, just because the school team has never made the playoffs before. We had a huge playoff run,” Gutmann said. Though the team did not end up winning the final game, it was a learning experience for all of the players.

Beyond his marvels on the ice, Gutmann is an exceptional teammate and motivator. “There’s a reason that he’s one of the captains as a junior,” Karkashian said. “The way he supports his teammates, it really makes playing [hockey] much more enjoyable.” 

“He’s very supportive,” Bobys said. “He’ll tell you when you do something wrong, and he’ll help you try to correct your mistake.” 

Gutmann is appreciative of his teammates and the bond they have built over the course of the season. “Everyone out there is extremely hard working. We all really want to win and everyone has the drive to improve,” said Gutmann. “At this point in the season, we have good chemistry with one another and are good at noticing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Having confidence and radiating positivity is something Gutmann feels is key in building a strong team. “You always want to have a good attitude, because at the end of the day, it’s just a fun sport, and everybody’s having fun,” Gutmann said. “And if you’re energetic, confident and just in a good mood, you’ll be more likely to play well….and do well in front of the fans.”