Jason Altneu
Sophomore Michelle Yuen
Senior Jonah Petty
Sophomore Marlene Orantes
Junior Glennis Sanchez
Junior Shayyan Ahmed
Senior Danielle Alueta
Freshman Vihaan Rathi
Sophomore Alanna Young

Mrs. Weiler

I loved being able to go back to concerts again. I just love music and the atmosphere that’s there at a concert.

Freshman Andrew Jiang
Sophomore Naomi Peter
Junior Devlin Mangan
Senior Ariana Kavoossi

Mrs. Kellinger, Social Studies teacher

My favorite memory was letting the senior class finally have a graduation and it was great that it was back at Richard Montgomery. It just felt very right to have it at school.   

Junior Hrishita Mareddy
Freshman Gloria Liang

Junior Jaron Le

The abbreviated spring season for sports last school year allowed me to see old teammates that I had not seen since last practice, which was in March of 2020. It also gave me motivation during the online school year and gave me something to look forward to after sitting in front of a computer for hours. It was also almost like a sign of hope that things were getting better after a long year of basically...

Junior Desiree Chen
Mr. Michael Oakes, English teacher
Sophomore Allison Pham
Freshman Praneel Suvarna
Junior Parker Rock

Dr. Karl Kovacs

My biggest accomplishment 2021 is something that I've wanted to do for many, many years but never really knew how, and that is to see and experience the value of mental health counseling through therapy. That is something this 58 year old never thought he would ever do. But he reached out. He got some help, and it works.

Freshman Ria Maheshwary
Freshman Fadekemi Laniyonu
Sophomore Ifrah Reyal
Sophomore Lily Kerchner
Freshman Andy Deng
Sophomore Lianna Meklir

Freshman Anurag Nambiar

I went camping in New Mexico for 2 weeks in early August with some friends. It was kind of hard, and we ran into trouble a few times including really bad weather, a sprained ankle, and someone getting hypothermia, but definitely worth it.

Freshman Ashritha Kidambi

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