Best season: Fall


Graphic by Christiana Vucea

Students enjoy pumpkin picking as a fall tradition.

Livia Venditti, Opinions Writer

Imagine the smell of freshly baked pumpkin bread wafting through the kitchen; reds, yellows, and oranges decorating the trees; breathing in the crisp air on early Fall mornings. The sights, smells, and feelings of Fall have just begun, and with the changing seasons come a plethora of seasonal traditions. Some celebrate Halloween by putting together elaborate, funny, or scary costumes to continue an old Celtic tradition of hundreds of years—now characterized by oodles of kids running through the streets trick-or-treating. Some celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking dinner as a family, watching the Macy’s day parade, or rooting for a favorite football team in the NFL’s annual Thanksgiving Day games. Whatever traditions one may celebrate, the Fall season is the epitome of togetherness and warmth.

The scenery and foliage of Autumn are unrivaled. Bus rides suddenly become all the more captivating looking out at the color-changing landscape. “Even though it gets a bit colder it still looks beautiful outside with the trees changing colors,” said sophomore Max Meringoff. The colder weather brings with it the perfect opportunity to sit down, read a book and sip a scalding cup of apple cider.

One of the most iconic symbols of the autumn season is Halloween, the night of sweet treats and childish fun. Seeing homes put up Halloween decorations like spiders and gravestones or candle-lit carved pumpkins on their doorstep is a spirited feeling that fills your heart with joy. On October 31st people of all ages can become anyone they want, real or imaginary, without fear of judgment. Witches or vampires are classics, but every year people become more innovative in deciding who or what to be. It is a carefree holiday that lets us conquer our fears of the unknown and other-worldy by celebrating them together. 

Many also look forward to the fall fashion: scarves, hats, sweaters, and jeans. Sophomore Milla Malishev said, “I genuinely love the fall season because it gives me a great chance to be creative and experiment with layering and mixing different styles.” The relaxing chill of Fall is a relief from the often blistering heat of summer and provides the opportunity to take out comfortable grandpa sweaters and puffer jackets collecting dust in the closet. And no one could forget Taylor Swift’s viral Tumblr post from 2014 listing all of the joys of the Fall season like “ankle boots,” “baking your first fall batch of cookies” and “not caring when people make fun of pumpkin-flavored stuff”.

 The festivities of Autumn are jovial and invoke a sense of warm-heartedness. Every holiday season during Fall is a time for family reunions and community. The anticipation of both domestic and international travels holds the promise of seeing family that some have not seen in months or even years. “I look forward to seeing my entire family during Thanksgiving. I get to see my cousins that live in LA,” Meringoff said. There is excitement abound for those awaiting roast turkey, mashed potatoes, yam, pumpkin pie and so many more recipes, each made unique by the family that shares and perfects them together.

Although cold on the outside, the Fall season truly warms up the soul. It is the perfect marriage between traditions, foods, clothing, and scenery. As the leaves begin to fall more rapidly and the seasons once again change, it feels bittersweet knowing you must wait another year for Fall to return.