Finding fashion trends at RM

Students and staff alike display their unique styles through different pieces.

Nandi Patel, Arts Writer

You can learn a lot about someone from their clothing—but is it fair to judge the “book” by its clothing? At RM, there are over 2,000 different personalities, each expressing themselves in a unique way through fashion. In a world of fast fashion, clothes are a huge part of pop culture and the way people interact with each other. 

Sophomore Natalia Evans agreed. “There’s a lot of stylish perspectives these people are coming from and it seems like people at RM aren’t afraid to be themselves. However, because of this there are definitely some problems because people feel pressured to shop at certain places—places that certainly aren’t very ethical,” she said. “It’s great to have an interest in fashion, but be aware of what you are doing and keep to what you think is morally right.”

Despite the very harsh impact it has on our environment, fast fashion is everywhere—Tik Tok, TV shows, Instagram, and above all, Pinterest. Throughout quarantine and 2021, we have seen many different trends emerge, offering something for every taste. To bring us out of the gloomy quarantine mood, artsy and floral designs are back, featuring big, bright designs. 

Most famously, fashion trends from the ‘90s have circled back around—baggy jeans, crazy sleeves, scrunchies and bold chains. However, as the increase of social media and the spread of information, several new looks have made it on the popular list. There have been many new sprouting “genres” of style—streetwear, indie, cottage core and juicy couture—all of which are unique and enjoyable in their own way. 

The Tik Tok-inspired indie style includes retro hipster clothing, most similar to streetwear and often worn by people who enjoy less mainstream things and listen to indie music. Indie style typically includes baggy jeans and a unique shirt, paired with some chains and skateboarding shoes. This dressing is very popular in urban places such as New York and on social media platforms like TikTok. Some celebrities famously known for wearing this style include Billie Eilish and Chase Hudson. 

Similar to indie, streetwear is also very common for students to wear, as it is comfortable, expressive and casual. This style has so many different aspects, including everything from blazers to baseball caps and chunky sneakers. Many celebrities have changed their style and have begun to adapt into this more casual yet professional look. Everyone from pop singers like Rihanna, to football players like Patrick Maholmes, to students at RM can be seen sporting this trendy look. The mix of khakis and a blazer alongside thick sneakers and sunglasses accentuates its fun spin on business casual. 

Most common in summer, the all-time favorite cottage core makes its comeback as the soft-colored puffy look. Paired with tall stiff boots and cool hats, flowy babydoll dresses are just as popular as the other styles. Also originating from Pinterest and making its way to TikTok, this look is perfect for hosting picnics in the meadow and baking rosemary focaccia. Associated with eating cake in wine glasses and countryside retreats, this aesthetic is the perfect escape to fantasy.

The most recent addition to current styles is my favorite, the early 2000s look. Modeled by some of our iconic predecessors, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Beyonce, this look is filled with velvet tracksuits and funky caps. This style not only involves clothing, but the complete package: flip phones, frosted lip gloss, jelly bracelets and more. All these embody the well-known 2000s superstars like Reese Witherspoon from Clueless and Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls. They are most famously remembered wearing pink tracksuits emblemed with Juicy Couture and low rise jeans with rhinestone pockets. 

The 2000s is the last decade we have circled back to and it has its fair share of borrowing popular styles from the 1990s and the 1980s. Although the trend is relatively new, many people can be seen wearing the scrunchie equivalent of the 2000s—butterfly and claw clips. The return of the 2000s has come and it looks like it is going to be a big hit.

Everyone at RM, including students, teachers, and other staff, has their own unique fashion style. Although clothing is such a common, everyday thing, each person’s clothing tells a story and gives a look into their personality through their self expression with fashion.