After years of staying out of the spotlight, Adele makes a comeback


Courtesy of Simon Emmett

Adele brings a new sense of maturity to her newest album, “30.”

Tara Amin, Arts Writer

Once labeled “The Best Artist of The Decade”, Adele’s music career has had a large influence. Her albums have had record breaking sales, multiple times, since the release of her first album in 2008. She has become a household name and a known figure in the music industry.

The release of Adele’s last album “25” was nearly six years ago. Since then, she has taken a rest from her music career, which has been upsetting for fans. The rest period in Adele’s career was caused by multiple factors, but most significantly the marital issues between her and her husband, Simon Konecki, that ultimately led to her filing for divorce in April 2019.

When most musicians take a break in their career as long as Adele’s, their momentum is completely shattered. But for Adele, it was the complete opposite. Her return in 2021 was accepted and adored by the media, partly because of her major weight loss. With a much healthier mental state, a completely new look, and an important story to tell, Adele was ready to kick start her career again and do what she loves most.

“Easy On Me” was released on October 14, 2021, marking the beginning of this emotional story Adele has been waiting to tell. 

The piano playing in the background is a staple in Adele’s music, and we hear that classic piano in “Easy On Me” as well. Something about hearing her piano finally being able to be played again after six long years is extremely nostalgic and comforting and reminded me of older, pre-divorce albums.

Adele’s vocals that accompany the beautiful piano are raw and naturally beautiful. No autotune or vocal editing is something that isn’t commonly seen in current music, so Adele swooping in with her natural talent is so refreshing to hear. Hearing just Adele singing and the piano places her in a vulnerable spot and introduces the listeners to her  personal space and thoughts. 

The amount of vulnerability displayed through her song was intimate and beautiful because it allowed for the listeners to truly resonate and hear what she had to say. 

When looking at the lyrics, it is very apparent that this song is about her ex husband and their past relationship. In the first verse, Adele sang, “There ain’t no gold in this river,” which indicates how she finds no more value in her past relationship with Simon Konecki. 

There are multiple interpretations of the chorus. One being that Adele starts to sing to her son, Angelo Adkins, asking him to “go easy” on her and understand that she’s in an upsetting and stressful situation. She also recognizes that it is difficult to explain a topic like divorce to someone as young as her son.

Adele is telling her son that she was “just a child” and didn’t get the chance to “feel the world” because she was introduced to the spotlight at such a young age, she didn’t have the opportunity or headspace to make wise decisions.  Through these lyrics, Adele is asking her son for both forgiveness and understanding,

One interpretation of the chorus is that she is speaking directly to her ex-husband and is asking for his forgiveness and understanding. Another is that she could be speaking to herself, reminding herself not to feel guilty for this situation. 

In the bridge of the song, Adele sings about how she had high intentions and good hopes, even though that may not be showing. She is again talking to her son in this excerpt of the song, trying to show him that she did not mean for the divorce and this whole situation to happen. 

Adele is a phenomenal artist who consistently releases music that not only proves itself though sound but logistically too, tending to always reach the Billboard Charts quickly and break records. Listeners are able to connect with her music as much as they do because of her lyrics and unique voice.  Divorce is something that unfortunately is very common in society, allowing victims of divorce to relate to this song on a different level.

That being said, “Easy On Me” is a beautifully created song. The story in this song is worth being told. Adele’s voice and lyrics are beyond outstanding. It is safe to say that whatever Adele has coming next in her career will be incredible.