RM Dance Club prepares for International Night


Photo by Claire Chen

The dance club rehearses in the auditorium before International Night.

Claire Chen, Assistant Arts Editor

The sound of footsteps sliding and stepping to music escapes from the dance studio and echoes throughout the basement level hallway. Inside, students diligently practice routines to perfection. With only a few weeks until their upcoming shows, the RM Dance Club (RMDC) strives to bring their best performance, rehearsing every Wednesday and Friday during lunch. 

RMDC has been providing opportunities for students of all experience levels who enjoy dancing to come together and share ideas, dance moves and choreography ever since 2015. The club performs a variety of different dance styles, with the main three being hip-hop, K-pop and breakdance. This year, they plan to host workshops to incorporate a wider range of styles for students to learn about and appreciate.

As the current president of RMDC, Senior Vismaya Mohindra teaches and organizes the choreography for all the members. Having been a member of the club since her freshman year, Mohindra appreciates the welcoming and close community of RMDC. “Being able to learn choreography, perform, and even just hang out with people who have similar interests has made my high school years incredibly fun. It’s also super cool to meet people of different grade levels that you normally wouldn’t meet,” she said. 

In addition to the tight-knit community, RMDC provides students with the opportunity to express themselves and fulfill their passion for dance. RM does not offer dance as an elective, and some students may not have the chance to take dance lessons outside of school, which may limit their experiences and opportunities to dance. Luckily, RMDC fills those gaps and brings together those who have a common interest in dance. As for Mohindra, she said, “I joined RMDC because I wanted to dance, but couldn’t take classes outside of school. RMDC gave me a chance to do so many cool performances that would’ve otherwise been unavailable to me.”

Every year, RMDC prepares to perform at RM International and the Common Grounds Assembly for students. The RM International performance is scheduled for Dec. 20 in the evening, and the Common Grounds Assembly will be held on Dec. 22 during school for students to watch. At these events, RMDC will perform three songs of three different styles.

Besides performing live on stage, RMDC also showcases their content on Instagram. “Follow RMDC on Instagram at @rmdanceclub for some cool dancing content,” said Mohindra.

As performance dates approach closer and closer, RMDC members will be hard at work, rehearsing in the studio and on the stage, preparing to display their best work for their shows. Be sure to catch RMDC under the spotlight in the upcoming weeks.