Athletic Specialist Jon Freda: more than meets the eye


Photo by Mckinley Heaven

Athletic specialist Jon Freda poses outside of his office on a workday

Ava Lunenfeld, Sports Writer

 When passing through Richard Montomery’s halls, it is a common occurrence to hear the name “Freda” mentioned in student conversation. On the field, in the gym, and in the classroom, athletic specialist Jon Freda is well-known and appreciated. He is often seen visiting RM sports practices and games, whether in attendance to support the team, announce or assist coaches and athletes. However, being an athletic specialist is not as easy as it may appear from the outside. Lots of time, energy and commitment goes on behind the scenes of Freda’s job that may go unseen by students  

“I’ve been at Richard Montgomery for 15 years,” Freda said. This is excluding the four years he spent here as a student, as a part of the graduating class of 2001. He briefly left RM to fulfill his undergraduate degree at Towson University, but his extensive Rocket pride led him back to his high school home in 2009, this time as a staff member. “I didn’t know how many chances I would get to be the athletic director at my alma mater. I did graduate from here, so I jumped at the chance,” Freda said.

Being an athletic specialist comes with a lot of responsibilities that are not always obvious. Whether it is  spring, winter, fall or summer, Freda is responsible for all athletic teams, including both Junior Varsity and Varsity. A large portion of his time is dedicated to scheduling.  For example, buses must be scheduled for some away games and practices, and Freda has to organize schedules in a way that works for all teams. He often has to start working on plans weeks in advance to ensure that if and when issues arise, there is  time to take care of them.

Another huge part of the athletic specialist position is having a relationship with student athletes. “Your [student athletes]’ success — on the field, in the classroom — it all falls under me,” Freda said. Through his time coaching and teaching, he’s built close bonds with many of the students at RM. Freda attends as many sports games as possible to interact with his students and show his support. Chances are, he will be a friendly face in the crowd or will be heard speaking in the announcer’s box at the next sporting event.