RM Students set out on New Year’s Resolutions


For many students, 2021 is the year to improve time management skills, their work and social-life balance, as well as spending costs. Graphic by Caroline Dinh.

The Centerspread Editors and Staff asked RM students what their New Year’s Resolution are, now that 2021 is in full swing. Here are the responses:


“It would be nice if I could fix my sleep schedule.” – Katie Yang, grade 11

“Since transitioning to online school, I’ve definitely found myself increasingly glued to my computer. As such, for 2021, I’ve made a goal to read at least 2 books for leisure every month. Right now, I’m reading A Brief History of Time and Educated by Tara Westover. The subject matter of Educated is heavy, but both are incredibly well written, and I highly recommend!” – Lynna Deng, grade 11

“Watch a FULL NFL game. Go camping. Send a letter in the mail. Ride a Vespa. Learn how to cut onions without crying!!!” – Rediet Ghebrehiwet, grade 12

“I want to be able to get outside and exercise more over quarantine. I sit around too much and want to be able to get up and move occasionally instead of being stuck in the house.” – Aaron Ouyang, grade 11

“Watch more sunrises.” – Valeria Quispe, grade 12

“To eat healthier.” – Hayden Lunenfeld, grade 12

“My resolution is to get outside more. Between online school and homework, I have a lot of screen time, so I hope to take more breaks and enjoy the outdoors.” – Josh Goozman, grade 11

“My New Year’s resolution is to continue with the workout schedule that I created during quarantine even if we go back to school and things get busier.” – Myka Fromm, grade 11

Getting into a better workout routine was a common resolution amongst students. Graphic by Caroline Dinh.

“Working out more.” – David Sahakian, grade 11

“Think more about what I say before I say it.” – Nicky Saffell, grade 10

“To keep in touch with friends more.” – Kobina Asafu-Adjaye, grade 10

“My New Year’s resolution was to learn to juggle, but I adapted it on January 4th to become a good jump roper.” – Gwen Taylor, grade 10

“I want to stay more organized when it comes to school work.” – Adam Owens, grade 11

“To stick to a better (trombone) practice schedule.” – Zach Sliter, grade 12

“Following through with the daily goals that I set for myself!” – Rachel Wang, grade 10

“To meditate and do yoga everyday.” – Veda Peter, grade 12

“Get swole.” – Chris Ma, grade 12

“To hug my best friend.” – Kira Miler, grade 11

“To read at least two books a month!” – Emily Pham, grade 11

“Stay healthy and do better socially.” – Iru Munasinghe, grade 11

“Be less harsh on myself.” – Mira Funk, grade 11

“My New Year’s resolution is to survive, and to not live through any more major historical events.” – Sarah Lavan, grade 10

“My New Year’s resolution is to be the best version of myself that I can be. I want to spend more time with my family and my dog.” – Alexa Giantelli, grade 10

“This year, my New Year’s resolution is to stop stretching myself thin, and to take time for myself. I have always spent a lot of time helping out others, and I need to take that same time for myself.” – Anne Moser, grade 10

“This year I want to make the best of whatever 2021 throws at me.” – Serena Andriessens, grade 10

“For 2021, I hope to not get hurt, and to hopefully go back to actual school.” – Grace Finnegan, grade 9

“My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to stop procrastinating. I have struggled a lot -especially over this past year- with always pushing my assignments to the last day. This bad habit has caused a lot of unwarranted stress on me, and during times damaged my self esteem. I thus came to the decision this year that I need to do something about it to improve myself.” – Adithya Kimbadi, grade 10

“A New Year’s resolution that I have is to write down one thing that happened at the end of each week this year that was extremely important. Then I will put it in a jar and open it on New Year’s Eve so I can review the most interesting event that I experienced in the past year.” – Isha Uprety, grade 10

“One of my New Year’s resolutions was to have a no buy year which is essentially one year dedication to cutting out unnecessary purchases in order to reset one’s spending habits. I think I chose this mainly because during quarantine I got used to spending money as a result of boredom. As a result of this I thought that if I did a no buy year I could help the environment as well as my bank account, and also learn the value of money.” – Therese Dang, grade 10

“I would like to listen to more Taylor Swift Music.” – Ashna Uprety, grade 9

“I realized that I listen to a lot of the same music and artists over and over again and I was starting to get bored of my music. So one of my resolutions was to listen to a new album every week.” – Hope Hetrick, grade 11

“For 2021, I want to be able to procrastinate less. Last year, I procrastinated on every assignment that I had and I ended up regretting it every time. I want to be able to spread out activities to be able to get my homework done in time while still being  able to enjoy some time away from school and studying.” – Stella Yang, grade 11

With the craziness of 2020, students are making sure to appreciate time with family and loved ones in 2021. Graphic by Caroline Dinh.

“This year I want to be able to organize my time in a way that allows me to sleep more. I want to be able to have a healthy balance between getting enough sleep, working out, having fun and still maintaining good grades.” – Hannah Phillips, grade 11

“My parents are from Bangladesh and I was born in a house where my parents and grandparents would speak bangla. I was born in the U.S., and I cannot speak bangla as fluent as the other members of my family. My goal is to be completely fluent in bangla by the end of 2021.” – Sabrielle Jahangir, grade 11

“I am already in my third year of high school and do not have much time to think about colleges anymore. I have been procrastinating all high school and avoiding thoughts about the future. This year I want to dedicate some time to think about my options for college, in order to make the right decision for myself.” – Jessica Wu, grade 11

“I want to learn how to do colored pencil realism, so by the end of the year I can compare the drawings I made at the beginning to my improved art.” – Kaitlin Gotting, grade 10

“Reading more books and relaxing whenever I can!” – Jake Lee, grade 10

“I’m hoping to build better relationships in my community and spend more time dancing.” – Gayathri Aravindan, grade 10

“I want to work on finding a life balance between work, personal time, and social times so I can fix my productivity.” – Lourdes Wyatt, grade 11

“Never simp for real people, only 2D characters.” – Sophia Wu, grade 10

“Going into this year, I knew that I wanted to try to create more of a “balance” between work, relaxation, and wellness I guess. I picked up yoga last August, which helped a bit with post-run care, but so far I’ve added it to my morning routine and it’s been helpful with waking up and centering myself between classes and stuff. It’s also a nice recovery after workouts. I want to read a minimum of 26 books this year… I’m not sure why that number, but as long as I avoid 800+ page books for a bit, I think it’s attainable. Finally, making more time for friends and family when we eventually go back to a somewhat pre-COVID structure. I’m a bit of workaholic, so the pandemic really helped me to reconnect with friends outside of school and my family when I had a bit more leeway with my schedule.” – Sierra Stubbs, grade 11

“My resolution is to learn how to drive and be good at it.” – Maria Alba, grade 10

“My resolution is to spend more time with family.” – Athira Nair, grade 11

“My New Year’s resolution is to change my quarantine routine for the better because while some people have improved their eating and exercising habits, I have developed an Oreo obsession and become best friends with my Netflix account. I would also like to stress less and sleep more, be brave (which mainly involves me turning on my mic during Zoom), and actually sticking to my resolutions this year because we all know how 2020 went.” – Sienna Burns, grade 9

“Getting more sleep! I’m hoping to hit that 7-8 hour mark on weekdays and perhaps more on weekends! Something else I want to do is learn how to code. I think learning how to code apps and websites will be really cool!” – Katie Yuan, grade 11

I decided against a concrete goal this year because everything went haywire last year. However, as cliche as this sounds, I want to take time to enjoy whatever situation I’m in. Maybe it’s the profound movies I’ve watched over the break, but I think I just need to take time to appreciate where I am.” – Amna Shamim, grade 12

“My New Year’s resolution is I’d like to start meditating and taking better care of my mental health. Last year, I was kind of a train wreck. I could feel how college apps and the stress of school and the pandemic was weighing on me, so I want to try to be more mentally healthy by looking at alternative options to take care of my mental health like meditation, journaling, and therapy, just to name a few.” – Saanika Mahashetty, grade 12 

“To practice dance and drums every day- one hour each. I haven’t broken it yet! :)” – Jiya Arora, grade 12

“I’d like to try to stop being late to things. 🙂 I’d also like to be more open-minded!” –  Sara Logsdon, grade 12

“I hope that I’m able to indulge in more of my hobbies and take more risks.” – Abby Adigun, grade 12