Handling stress and anxiety during virtual learning


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay via Creative Commons

Many students are stressed at the prospect of remaining online for the foreseeable future.

Maggie Orcev, Features Writer

Although stress and anxiety over test cramming, submitting assignments before 11:59 and balancing school and a social life are nothing new to Richard Montgomery students, virtual learning has introduced a whole new idea of what a stressful school day feels like. Without the regular atmosphere of the in-person Richard Montgomery community, many students have found themselves needing to figure out new ways to channel their stress and deal with anxiety. Whether normal life for you meant playing sports, visiting Mr. Colchao’s room after school, performing in the musical, or getting a daily dose of Fahrner on Main Street, life for everyone has changed in one way or another.

Junior Rayan Ouattara is a basketball player at RM and is feeling the stress of missing this year’s season – In order to destress, he enjoys doing outdoor activities.”Playing basketball, all day that’s my main hobby,” said Ouattara via FaceTime. “Every time I need to relax or think of something other than school I like to pick up the ball and shoot.” Ouattara went on to add.

He is not the only one who has chosen sports as an outlet to blow off steam. Sophomore Akmal Rupashinga missed out on his freshman year JV lacrosse season when schools were abruptly closed in the spring. “I usually take my lacrosse stick and go outside to hit the rebounder for a little bit to relieve some stress.” Akmal said.  

Whether it is your first year in high school or your last, it’s difficult to be missing out on the rocket experience. Senior Kyle Dexter is experiencing these unprecedented times first hand. “It has definitely been stressful to think that last year in mid march could’ve been my last day of school and I potentially won’t get to have a senior year or do all the things I wanted to….I have been doing late night walks while listening to music to help” said Dexter, when asked what has stressed him out about missing his senior year and how he is coping.

While Dexter is experiencing his share of senioritis, freshman Jordyn Kolchins falls on the opposite side of worry. Kolchins had lots to say about transitioning from middle to high school online and how it has impacted her. “It’s been really stressful, especially because the workload is a lot worse and being online has been pretty crazy.” She added, “I really like doing coloring books…they are really good for destressing.” 

Although students from all different grades have expressed their fears about this school year, their futures, and high stress levels, it’s important to remember that there are ways to deal with these difficult times and remember that everyone is going through this together. This may mean putting some things on pause but finding new ways to do the activities you love, even if you haven’t discovered quite how yet.