You know you’re an RM student when…

Victoria Koretsky, Features Writer

As at every high school, Richard Montgomery students face huge workloads, countless extracurriculars and plenty of stress. However, there are many things that set RM apart as a unique and fun school to attend, including:

Graphic by Christina Tang
  1. Students arriving late to fifth period while awkwardly and unsuccessfully trying to hide their Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.
  2. “The competitive nature, which is motivating and stressful at the same time.” – sophomore Amara Geibel
  3. “Having a school mascot that is Richie-r than you are.” – senior Vickie Tan
  4. “Struggling to find a bathroom with locks, toilet paper and soap at the same time.” – freshman Kaitlin Gotting
  5. “The Beyblade Club.” – sophomore Kira Miller

    Graphic by Christina Tang
  6. Memorizing the fire drill exit route from your homeroom classroom, but not knowing what to do from any other classroom in the school.
  7. “Enduring the freezing cold for a blowout football game.” – sophomore Jennifer Lin
  8. “You’ve seen Mr. Monteleone skateboard at least once.” – freshman Kobina Asafu-Adjaye
  9. Having to climb an abnormal amount of stairs that seem to steepen the further up you go at the most inconvenient times.
  10. “Going to Rockville Town Center to ‘study’ with friends all the time.” – sophomore Connor Palansky
  11. “Shouting ‘Rockets!’ during the national anthem at every football game.” – junior Amna Shamim
  12. Boms.

Despite some of these realizations, it is all the more important to remember that RM has a wonderful environment filled with amazing people. Embrace the classic high school movies and have some Rocket Pride!