Valentine’s Day can be fun if you’re single. Here’s how.


Photo by Helen Qian

Valentine’s Day is typically associated with those in a relationship, but it can also be fun for those who are single.

Marcela Ferrufino, Opinions Writer

You know the drill. Everything explodes in the color pink and seemingly all you see are people receiving gifts from their significant others—ranging from giant teddy bears to red roses. Meanwhile, you are at home whining about being single while eating tubs of ice cream and having every cheesy romantic film on repeat.

Society makes Valentine’s Day seem only fun if you are in a romantic relationship, but Valentine’s Day can be fun for anyone regardless. “I feel like Valentine’s Day should be viewed more as a celebration of love and friendship, and not just a day for couples,” sophomore Lauren Linney said.

Instead of moping, spend Valentine’s Day with the people you love. My best friends and I decided to all hang out on Valentine’s Day, and it was such a fun experience because I got to celebrate with the people I care about. We all went to Town Center and bought many chocolates from IT’SUGAR and spent hours playing card games. You never know how celebrating with the people closest to you could make your Valentine’s Day. 

Even if you still believe Valentine’s Day isn’t worth it, think about someone who is. Since Valentine’s Day is the day of celebrating love, confessing to your crush is so much easier and far less uncomfortable to do. Especially if you want to be anonymous about it, giving someone a love letter feels much less out of place when it is on Valentine’s Day. Doing it on Valentine’s Day could even send you a little luck if Cupid’s arrows are looking to match you today.

Another reason why Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun is that it’s a day you could make someone happy. I remember feeling so great when I gave people my hand-made Valentines’ in Elementary School because of how excited they got. My best friend and I also had what we called “gift wars,” where we would give each other many gifts that would always top off the last one. It is still a Valentine’s Day I remember with a smile because of the amazing time we had making the other feel special. 

Valentine’s Day can be an annoying or pointless holiday for many people, but we shouldn’t forget the real importance of it. It is not merely about celebrating the relationships you have but the love in those relationships. Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful holiday if people choose to spend it with all the people they care about while trying to make others happy as well.