January AOTI: Diamond Alexander


Photo courtesy of Diamond Alexander

Alexander dribbles the ball upfield during a Varsity match in the fall.

Jack Bowman, Sports Writer

Being a two-sport athlete is no easy task. It means staying committed to training and competing year-round, without the customary offseason that most athletes get.

Excelling at both sports is an even harder task. Yet senior Diamond Alexander, who is a star in both track and soccer, manages both.

From the beginning, being a stellar athlete was in the cards for Alexander. “My whole family grew up on sports,” Alexander said. “My mom did track, my grandparents played basketball.”

Track captain senior Garrett Suhr said, “She has so much natural speed.” Yet, it’s not just elite, natural athleticism that set Alexander apart – her work ethic has put her in a position to have the success that she has had. “I try to focus on improving each practice,” Alexander said. “Small things like reaction time are big for me.” 

The combination of Alexander’s athletic talent and dedication led to a rapid improvement and eventual star in track. According to Alexander, she didn’t start running until 10th grade, when she was introduced to the sport through high school track. 

Despite her late start, Alexander has dropped large amounts of time in her top events. She has improved from a 7.66 in her sophomore year to a 7.21 PR at this year’s Montgomery Invitational (a race in which she placed second by the slim margin of four hundredths of a second). In the 100 meter dash, she dropped from a 13.64 to a 12.46 over the course of her junior outdoor track season.

While these improvements may seem objectively small, they are actually quite remarkable for sprint events. Alexander has dramatically outpaced an average improvement curve. 

With this incredible improvement, Alexander has found equally incredible success. She won the 2019 Katie Jenkins Invitational in the 100 meter dash, and has placed in the top 10 in several individual and relay events in States and Regionals. She also holds individual Richard Montgomery women’s records in both the 55 meter dash and 60 meter dash.

Although Alexander is far more decorated in track, soccer has always been her sport of choice. “Track is my ‘main sport’ I guess, because that’s what I’m better at,” said Alexander, “but I definitely prefer soccer.” 

In fact, despite everything that she has accomplished as a sprinter, Alexander’s favorite memory as an RM athlete comes from the soccer field. “I scored a really big banger against Northwest,” Alexander said. “We won that game.” 

Throughout high school, Alexander maintained a balance between her two sports. She has spent her autumns on the soccer field, playing the sport she has grown up on and loves the most. In the winter and spring, she has honed her abilities as a runner, becoming one of the best sprinters in the history of Richard Montgomery track. 

But, like all two-sport athletes, Alexander will eventually have to make a choice between her two passions. In her case, this choice is likely to come in college, where Alexander plans to pursue athletics at the next level. 

“I do want to play in college,” Alexander said. “Preferably I can play soccer. If not, then track.” 

Whatever sport Alexander decides to compete in at the next level, her athletic accomplishments throughout high school suggests that she will find success. Wherever she ends up going, she will have left an indelible mark on Richard Montgomery athletics.