RM implements new peer mentoring program

October 21, 2019


Graphic by Khanh Nguyen

In high school, students can have a lot on their plate. School sports, clubs, internships, and jobs can all take up a lot of time. So how can freshmen, who are completely new to the high school experience, balance all of these activities? 

A pilot program at RM pairs upperclassmen with freshmen to help them adjust to the new school environment. Currently, 12 juniors and seniors serve as mentors, helping current freshmen transition to a more competitive academic and social environment. Each of the student mentors were chosen after an interview process and received 20 hours of training as well as SSL hours for participating. 

These peer mentors are meant to guide younger students to achieve better balance in their lives, especially as the high school environment is a competitive one. The program includes meetings during lunch twice a month where freshmen can ask questions in groups or in private. 

“I am not too stressed, but I am somewhat, just because I have so many clubs and so much work and it’s just managing all of it which is hard for me,” freshman Ishaan Jain said. Time management, to many rising high schoolers, is an important asset. “I do manage though, but an older peer mentor could help. It would definitely make me feel more comfortable with any new things.” 

Older students, reflecting on their freshman year agree that it would have been helpful to have a mentor. “High school is a whole new ballgame, and having an upperclassman sort of guide you through the bumps along the way presents you with the opportunity to seek a source that can relate to what you’re currently going through,” sophomore Kevin Zhang said. 

At RM, students partake in a buddy system during their freshman year, where a group of incoming freshmen are grouped with two or three seniors who are points of contact whenever they need help. 

“The buddy system was significantly helpful in terms of adapting to high school and the workload freshman year. However, to be completely honest, the potential for a better buddy system is sky high and with more meetings, without a doubt, a seamless transition between middle school and high school can be achieved,” junior Danny Shao said.

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  1. Cleno Harris on November 19th, 2019 1:38 pm

    I just wanted to receive some information about how to get my peer mentoring program off the ground. I have some freshman who are not doing well to adjusting to High School and as much as I have met with them and spoke with them, it seems to not be working. I just want some tips to how to develop an effective Peer Mentor Program. Thank you

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