Richard Montgomery defense sets up alongside Clarksburg offense. (Photo Courtesy of Rina Levy)
Richard Montgomery defense sets up alongside Clarksburg offense.

Photo Courtesy of Rina Levy

RM defeats Clarksburg 34-13 in homecoming game

September 24, 2019

Play by play recap of the RM vs. Clarksburg Homecoming game.


Start of First Quarter

7:08 min left in Q1: RM #19 (Pablo Acosta) chips in field goal after Clarksburg defense makes a goal line stand


3:54 left in Q1: RM #11 (Kieran Chai-Onn) delivers a dime to RM #26 (Daryl Harper) over the middle for a first down and more


1:54 left in the Q1: Clarksburg defense stalls out RM’s drive with a sack on RM #11 (Chai-Onn)


1:08 left in Q1: RM #55 (Tristan Bell) causes Clarksburg attack to crumble with a sack


Start of Second Quarter

12:00 left in Q2: Clarksburg #16 (Nicholas Bolling) completes deep pass to #6


11:04 left in Q2: Clarksburg #16 (Bolling) delivers again. Throws TD pass to Clarksburg #6 (Extra point is good. Clarksburg takes the lead 7-3)


6:48 left in Q2: High snap flies over Clarksburg #16 (Bolling) head. RM picks up a safety (5-7 Clarksburg)


5:16 left in Q2: RM #11 (Chai-Onn) completes pass over the middle to RM #13 (Tidiane Epps) and moves the chains to midfield


4:48 left in Q2: RM #9 (T’Kai Ayoola) lowers his shoulder for an RM first down


4:07 left in Q2: RM #22 (Xavier Ricks) catches deep pass for RM’s first TD of the game (extra point is good. 12-7 RM)


3:58 left in Q2: RM #1 (Freddie Martinez) tackles Clarksburg KR at the Clarksburg 49 to save TD


3:49 left in Q2: Clarksburg RB bowls forward for 14 yards along the right sideline


3:17 left in Q2: Clarksburg #9 (Giovanni Marc) breaks tackles for another big gain of 9


2:02 left in Q2: RM #9 (Ayoola) makes big TFL (loss of 8)


1:08 left in Q2: Clarksburg makes big play on fourth down for a deep TD of 30+ yards

KICK is no good! Clarksburg extra point is blocked by rockets special teams (12-13 clarksburg)


1:06 left in Q2: Short kick gives RM excellent field position at their own 45 yard line


0:55 left in Q2: RM #11 (Chai-Onn)  scrambles for first down

RM #11 injured on the play but recovers shortly


0:46 left in Q2: RM #13 (Epps) catches right side pass for first down


0:29 left in Q2: RM #9 (Ayoola) takes check down pass to the left sideline for a first down


0:17 left in Q2: RM #9 (Ayoola) continues strong outing with an inside run for a touchdown. (18-13 rockets take the lead)

Extra point is good (19-13 rockets)


Start of Third Quarter

12:00 left in Q3: RM #9 (Ayoola) puts together another solid run for another first down.


10:08 left in Q3: RM #9 (Ayoola) once again rumbles for a first down and more behind blockers on the left side


7:50 left in Q3:  RM #11 (Chai-Onn) unable to complete deep pass on fourth down. Rockets turnover on downs


6:08 left in Q3: Clarksburg #20 manages to keep drive going with a first down run to the left


4:49 left in Q3: Clarksburg pass nearly picked off by RM #22 (Ricks)


4:38 left in Q3: Clarksburg turns the ball over on downs at the RM 35 yard line


3:21 left in Q3: RM #25 (Nicholas McCarthy) fumbles ball on the handoff for RM but manages to recover it for a loss of one


2:28 left in Q3: RM #11 (Chai-Onn) launches DEEP pass down the left sideline to RM #13 (Epps)


2:19 left in Q3: RM #11 (Chai-Onn) takes Design run to the end zone untouched

(Rockets go for 2 and convert. 27-13 RM)


Start of Fourth Quarter

12:00 left in Q4: Clarksburg #6 (Casey Mckinney) puts together a solid run to the right for first down


9:29 left in Q4: After a turnover on downs RM #9 (Ayoola) sprints to the left sideline for a big gain


9:20 left in Q4: RM #9 (Ayoola) adds to a phenomenal night with a TD run up the middle (34-13 rockets)


9:08 left in Q4: RM #1 (Martinez) saves another TD, stopping Clarksburg KR at their 39 yard line


7:38 left in Q4: RM #3 (Aidan Fonseca) forces fourth down for Clarksburg with a crucial tackle


6:01 left in Q4: RM forced to punt deep in their own territory


5:36 left in Q4: Big Pass interference call costs RM 15 yards and gives Clarksburg a first down


5:12 left in Q4: Clarksburg with a 10 yard run to the right


4:37 left in Q4: Clarksburg #20 stumbles through RM defense for a 15 yard gain


3:17 left in Q4: Clarksburg drive stalls and RM recovers on downs


2:27 left in Q4: RM #1 (Martinez) torches Clarksburg defense to set up RM at the Clarksburg 35 yard line


Game: RM closes out the game with a big run to the right and runs out the clock. Final score: 34-13 RM.



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  1. Eileen Zhang on September 24th, 2019 1:37 pm

    very nice article! well done!

  2. Kyra Wisneski on September 24th, 2019 1:37 pm

    Love to see it

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