RM athletes forge bonds with teammates

October 4, 2018

The beginning of the fall sports season also marks the start of many team bonding activities for Richard Montgomery athletes. From team dinners to bonding over grueling practices, team building happens both on and off the field.

These activities strive to bring athletes closer together, allowing them to develop relationships with each other. In turn, these closer relationships facilitate teams that perform better on the field and everlasting friendships that go beyond the field.

During practice, the taxing daily training allow teammates to bond over overcoming hardships. Once someone breaks their personal best or achieves a goal, the whole team celebrates alongside them. 

“Training is definitely beneficial for team bonding because we go through a lot of mutual hardships. For example, after a tough workout, we feel like we worked together to pull through.”

— Senior Lauren Zhou

Even for more individual-based sports, such as swimming, teammates find a way to celebrate as a team. “During swimming meets, we cheer for each other in all the races,” Zhou said.

In addition to regular practices everyday after school, teams also engage in a wide variety of activities outside of the field and practice. Junior Gabri Puertas, who is one of the girls volleyball team captains, stated, “In an effort to bond the varsity team with the junior varsity team, we have buddies paired between the two teams. For home games, you buy your buddy a little gift which really helps because we go out together and buy things together, then exchange gifts during the game.”

Another common way to build relationships and learn about a fellow teammate off the field is during team dinners. “We have pasta nights. On Friday, we bring bread, pasta, salad, dessert. We come together as a team,” Zhou stated.  

These closer relationships create a more unified team, which in turn boosts the team’s ability to work together during a game. “A unified team is absolutely essential for a good game. Without team chemistry and trust between teammates, the sport just simply cannot be played to a high level,” Puertas said. 

Whether bonding through practices or coming together in team dinners and nights, all athletes have a common sense of unity with their team. Relationships built during team bonding activities become long-term friendships that last long after high school.


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