MCPS receives an additional $35.5 million for technology, mental health, and tutoring needs

December 4, 2020


Graphic by Esteban Ashcallay

Montgomery County Public Schools recently received $35.5 million in federal and state funding. 

On Sept. 29, Montgomery County Public Schools recently received $35.5 million in federal and state funding. 

$18.3 million of the funding is being used to grant all students technology access, giving them a connection to the internet and a device to use for online learning. Similarly, a federal grant of $1.1 million is going toward cellular hotspots and wireless hotspots for students without access to them. An additional $13.2 million in federal funds will be dedicated to online tutoring in order for students to maintain and improve their reading and math skills in an online environment. 

During a public hearing regarding the breakdown of the funds given, several members of the community voiced their concern that smaller child care providers are not being included in distant learning support in schools. 

Moving forward, one of the biggest concerns among the community is the distribution of money. “The county can help with all childcare needs,” County councilmember Craig Rice said. An article from the Bethesda Beat included a list of how the $7.7 million would be broken down and used to help childcare, support online learning, as well as when schools when they reopen. 

According to the article, “[$5.6 million will be used] to support tuition for full-day, school-age child care services for low-income working families.” Meanwhile, $287,000 is being used for child care providers and tuition support services for similar low-income and foster families. 

“We know that this is not a panacea for child care providers and families and that is why we will continue to monitor and evaluate the needs of both as we move forward,” Council President Sidney Katz said.


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