Junior Grace Burwell has been able to spend more time with pets and novels during the quarantine.

Grace Burwell

One way my life has changed quite a bit over this closure is that everyone’s sense of time has changed so much. Back when we were in school, I used to wake up at 6:00 a.m. every day, and now sometimes I don’t even get up until noon, so it’s definitely changed a lot. It’s crazy to think about what it will be like if and when we go back to school, and how that will shift everyone’s personal schedules and sense of time. Over the closure, I’ve been hanging out with my pets a lot. I take my dog for walks often and also spend a lot of time playing with my rabbit. I like that I have more time to pay attention to my pets now. I’ve also been trying to get around to reading books that I didn’t read before, do arts and crafts projects and try new recipes in my free time.

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