Tide Staff COVID-19 Reflections

As students across the county adapt to the new circumstances brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, RM journalists reflect on their experiences during these unexpected times.

Mary Ma
Grace Burwell
Faith Cheung
Brian Rose

Gus Carvell

Gus Carvell, Opinions Writer

For me, the freedom and independence that has come as a result of the coronavirus closure has made me more engaged with academics than I was when we were going to school normally. Although I spend less time on schoolwork, the break has helped give me clarity with regards to what I value with my education. I’ve been spending much more time on my extracurriculars, reaffirming them as a key part of my school...

Delaney Crawley

Paul Block

Paul Block

Over the past few weeks, I have become lazy, and as a result of this, it takes me a little while to do homework. My mindset that I had during in-person classes has stopped and my weekend/summer mode has started since I have been home for a month and a half. The thing that I think that I will always remember about this time is that I will be stuck at home on my birthday. My goal for life in this cl...

Caylin Rodgers

Caylin Rodgers

Over the past weeks in quarantine, while life has been different, it also feels the same to me. Everyday has seemed like a constant routine, but just a routine that is entirely in the house without going out. I wake up, eat breakfast, watch TV (I might check out the daily news) and watch YouTube. I do my homework, and if I’m finish early, I read. I have to say, my experience with quarantining is pretty boring....

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