Learn with all your favorite celebrities through MasterClass

May 5, 2020


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons.

Serena Williams teaches viewers tennis through inspiring classes over Masterclass.

As the world reacts to the coronavirus pandemic, people across the world are staying home, quarantining and practicing social distancing. It is safe to say that many of us have found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands. Instead of spending your quarantine days in boredom, use this rare moment in your life to binge-watch MasterClass, one of the highest-profile online education programs going around at the moment. 

Like everyone else, celebrities are stuck at home and are using this time to give live performances and teach inspiring classes through the online learning platform. Bring home the flavors of your favorite destinations with a class by Gordan Ramsey; learn comedy with Steve Martin; sing with Christina Aguilera; act with Natalie Portman; apply makeup with Bobbi Brown; and learn interior design with Kelly Wearstler. If you are feeling a bit sluggish during the lockdown, get moving with ballet taught by Misty Copeland, basketball taught by Steph Curry, or tennis taught by Serena Williams.

Ramsay’s MasterClass, an online course made up of 20 videos, includes a video recipe calling for sea urchin and white truffle. In it, Ramsay stands in a pristine, well-lit kitchen and monologues about the importance of not overcooking your scrambled eggs. This technique is the first thing he learned in Paris, he says to the camera, and he will teach you how to do it in a six-minute video; this is an insiders-only tip.

MasterClass burst onto the scene in 2015, with co-founder David Rogier stating that the lineup was not just an attempt at celebrity endorsement. “I really wanted people to learn from the absolute best, and I don’t think that’s been offered before,” he said. “The real filter is people who you’d still want to take a class from in 100 years.” Rogier’s pitch was simple: famous people teach you about what made them famous. 

With each class selling for $90, users can get a bargain of an all-access pass for $180 per year or $15 per month, getting lifetime access to several hours of video and written materials from people who are considered “masters” in their field. In video-based lessons between three and 14 minutes each, it is really easy to make the decision to watch a class in one sitting. There are even worksheets and other items users can download to help learn along with the instructor. 

MasterClass is a highly professional and quality look into the minds of the world’s most successful people, and perhaps the best part of the education program is its world-class video production. Right away, users can see the quality of the camerawork, lighting, sound, and even music. In fact, the platform’s aim is to bring the quality of Netflix to the $100 billion e-learning industry.

Overall, MasterClass is a unique and intuitive interface, presenting heaps of lessons from instructors you would not ordinarily consider. MasterClass suits binge-watching inspiration junkies who want to learn at their own pace—perfect for anyone and everyone during these long, quarantine times. 


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