Graphic by Kisha Yan

Valentides 2020

March 11, 2020

Graphic by Kisha Yan

To Clare, my favorite clone — thanks for the film days.

To Ashley, my expert column writer — thanks for being the best co-editor.

To Helen, my go-to depressant — send me your short story!! To the gangoffive — love as always <3 – Emily Zhao, senior


To Emily Hubby, Our 20th anniversary is coming up—I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life traveling the world with you (and eating lots of yummy food)! Mir+Teddy – Miranda Yu, Churchill senior


Natalie and Izzy – I love you guys!! Thank you for being amazing friends, that’s it. You’re the most supportive, wonderful people I know <3 – Grace Burwell, junior


This is a shout-out to all my good friends out there who make me feel happy and loved every single day. You guys are crazy but I love spending them with you and I appreciate you all so much 🙂 – Marcela Ferrufino, freshman


To ALL my friends (Sarah M. this means you too), thank you for loving and supporting me everyday! I feel so proud to have loving friends like you, and I can’t thank you all enough for all of the wonderful things you do for me and for each other! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 – Matthew Adjodha, sophomore


Thank you for endlessly challenging me and supporting me. You have been the one of the biggest blessing in my life since the moment you entered it. Thank you for being the family I never had. I love you Natalia! – Nicole Yanakiev, senior


Congratulations and happy Valentines Day to all involved in this year’s One Acts. Break a leg with Lend me a Tenor. – Mr. Rodney, staff


Rachel – Thank you so much for being literally the best friend ever. I know it has been hard adjusting to a new school and country but you have been amazing through the whole process. – Katie Moorer, freshman


Sending my love to all of my friends; you’re the best! <3 (and I guess Elizabeth Tran too) – Elizabeth Mao, senior


Thank you for impromptu movie nights in Bruno, cooking disasters, endless blackberry cartons, millions of playlists, a stack of your favorite books, the best earrings, and your unconditional support. Te quiero, a pesar de que siempre te comes mis chocolates. – Ashley Guevara, senior


Ashley, no me queda más que decirte que este año me has dejado completamente lumbre. Estar contigo candela mis días, y pues, no basta un diluvio para apagar como me siento al verte. En plena luz, se que puedo decir que te amo. – Nestor Aranibar, senior


kevin huang ni shi ke ai ^-^ wo ai ni <33333 ni shi wo de shuai zhong guo ren :)) – Danesh Sivakumar, junior


Happy loving Valentine’s Day Helen Gu (Hellllen Geller) LOL – Christina Tang, junior


Ashley Shmashley — love of my life. Vickie Schmickie — bestest of them all. Mather — the swaggiest YOLO. Rosie Posie — wonderful angel. – Lydia Wei, senior


Dear Raha, I am so happy that I met you this year! You are an amazing tutee and an even better friend. I am so proud of your growth and can’t wait to see what you can accomplish next. Keep on smiling! XOXO – Jasmine Pham, senior


To Emily, Katie, and Mir, I love you guys <33 Best friend group ever, happy….7th anniversary to our gang and family, with our wack character stories. Thank you for being such amazing friends <333

To Alex, thank you for being the best boyfriend ever! You ACTUALLY won’t see this but issok <33

To Helen, I love you bro. My homie. My dude. I will forever treasure our beautiful, thoughtful, eloquent conversations about…reading….and our debates about whether fangs are like straws. Please finish reading the thing I sent you. – Alyssa Cong, senior


I CAN NOT express how much I love my best friends Victoria and Tony. Forever the three musketeers of AP Government. You have both been there to have random 2 am FaceTime calls and many fun/wild adventures with me. Through thick and thin you’re both the best. – Albury Ward, junior


To all the friends I have gained over these past four years (I don’t want to list because there are so many people and I’ll forget someone, but you know who you are): I love you guys so much. Thank you for making my high school experience special. – Stephanie Wang, senior


Shoutout to Laura for going through the past four years of high school with me — I’m so glad I decided to sit next to you during freshman year English. There’s no one else I’d rather struggle through comp sci or run across NASA campus in seven minutes with. Helen, you’re my favorite air conditioner. 🙂 – Ashley Ye, senior


Oliver, You can’t have a rainbow without little rain. Keep your head up dawg. – Kyle Dexter, junior


Carson sweetie….I will always love you. – Alexandra Julka, freshman


A big thank you to all my wonder teachers for being awesome and Mr. Monteleone who’s a great principal! – Aries Wang, junior


Happy Valentine’s Day to “Rice Guys!” School’s better with you 🙂 – Avery Wang, freshman


Much love to Rice Guys and the spam you send. – Anna Lee, freshman


To Nate, Nikki & Corinne – I will move down one day I swear. Love you guys! – Faith Cheung, junior


happy valentines day to my friends and family 🙂 – Samantha Wu, freshman


Ari, tysm for always being here and being my friend! I am so happy i met you and we are able to have our own little inside jokes, I hope that sometime soon you can realize that you are really smart and need a break 😀 – Matilde Aranibar, freshman


I love my mom! – Mary Ma, junior


@RiceGuys– HAPPY VALENTINESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Hrishita Mareddy, freshman


I thank all my friends for being amazing forces of chaos, kindness, sweetness, and fun! – Khanh Nguyen, freshman


A shoutout to all my bestfriends, I love you all <3. – Snezhana Vorontsov, sophomore


Christopher Austin is greatest man alive! – Isaiah McGowan, sophomore


To all the students traveling with me to Peru this summer or to some other amazing destination in the future, love you fo’ life <3 – Sr. Colchao, staff


Roses are red (sometimes); violets are blue (but, like, actually *violet*), sugar IS sweet, and RM’s English teachers are awesome! – Ms. Wilson, staff


To Mr. Albaugh: It’s not about uter-YOU or uter-ME. It’s about uter-US. Love, Wife – Mrs. Albaugh, staff


Shout out to my soulmate Mr. Gandhi, I feel a lot of chemistry between us. <3 – Mr. Albaugh, staff


Happy Valentine’s Day, RM Cheerleaders! Chidera, Merdi, Eileen, Yitzel, Ivana, Hannah, Noa, Kaia, Vierra, Kelly, & Julia – thank you for being such an awesome group of ladies!! – Coach Lee, staff


thanks laura for being cool beans legit dawg ok zoomer. we don’t submit locis on time like the other girls do. – Helena Yang, senior


ESOL Teachers & Content Co-teachers – For offering your loving hands, empathetic eyes, kind smiles, open ears & minds and warm hearts to all our wonderful ESOL students. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Mick – You are my sunshine! My only sunshine! I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day! – Mrs. Schuck, staff


Although we don’t have any classes together,

We can still walk to RTC, in any weather.

That is why I’m confident in our friendship, love:

O Sweet Angela Mu, her hoodie white as dove. – Kaylen Pak, senior


Dearest Kelly: Pls unblock me u are so hott 😉 My mom bought us gogurt. – Caia Gelli, junior


I love you i hope you have a wonderful valentines day be mine. – Kimberly Perez, freshman


I can treat you better than Kyle what a loser x – Amy Zhai, junior


Kyle you’re tall – Eric Zhang, junior


Eric you smelly – Kyle Liao, junior


hi kelly 🙂 – Grace Tang, junior


Nicole, you’re my best friend and someone I inspire to be. You’re too nice for your own good, funny, and very beautiful. You have your own flaws, but you embrace it. I hope the best for you! – Sophia Ubiera, freshman


To the person reading this — you are loved. You are beautiful. You are special. – Samuel Desai, freshman


I’d let Katherine eat snacks on my bed even though she’d probably get crumbs everywhere. – Chris Ma, junior


Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful, loving and super smart Husband, Yemi. We continue to grow together and you have been my fertilizer. I love you SWEETHEART!!! – Ms. Oniya, staff


Thanks Helena for being a great math buddy. Comp team mascot vibes.

To Ashley: we have had so many great moments throughout high school— joint senior quote, sprinting through Goddard, and stressing out over the phone. You are such a great friend and I’m glad I met you, even if it was through failing in Chinese school. – Laura Yao, senior


Happy Valentine’s Day to all the teachers and staff in the ESOL Department. Your love for the school and for our students is appreciated! Happy Valentine’s Day to all my amazing ESOL students! I love you and I am proud of all your hard work! – Ms. Koroknay, staff


To Clare, my arts queen, thank you for being my bio buddy last semester and my 3 a.m. meme buddy. Taking bio notes with the lights off in class is hard without you. I will continue sending you the filter face until the end of time.

To Emily, my go-to rec genius, I am not a depressant! I will send it to you one day!! Don’t worry, it’s mostly not a depressant either.

To Ashley, my favorite ventilator, how are you? It is tragic that I cannot send you a bunny sticker through the Tide.

To Alyssa, my bro, my homie, my occasional angst dealer, I love you too man. I too am glad we have debated strawpires, and it is unfortunate we both make strange associations with Greek letters now. READING: how does one read fast? I’m getting there, I swear. – Helen Qian, senior


She said she wanted time and distance… what is she calculating? velocity???? WE CAME UP WITH THAT JOKE FIRST – Tejas Nazare and Linsen Liu, juniors


Tide layout or YAFH during lunch? – Kisha Yan, senior


I love you very much 🙂 – Elsa Vincent, junior


To my two sisters, Megan and Cory, I LOVE YOU GUYS! – Brooke Hilliard, senior


to Emun, Shushan aka Emnetkinda love you, sorta ish 🙂 happy valentine’s day you bum

to Lydia Daniel – i am aware i’m a headache sometimes [insert pouty face gif here] and by sometimes — i mean 98-99% of the time — but know that it’s because i love you chica, happy love day <3 – Rediet Ghebrehiwet, junior


Mary — love you as much as you love the cats movie. – Eileen Zhang, junior


Dear DANCJB, thank you for giving me the best group of friends my senior year, it made this year so memorable. I hate you all! – Cory Bucy, senior


Angelina, (x^2 + y^2 – 1)^3 = (x^2)(y^3) – Alex Karbowski, junior


Thanks to Jessica for being an amazing friend the past two years. I’m so glad we got closer and that we’re at RM together. You’re so easy to talk to and spending time together is always fun. Have fun being stuck with me for the next 3 1/2 years 🙂 – Ruth Taddesse, freshman


To Ivana: Thanks for being such a kind Big Sister! You are so amazing. I will miss you so much when you graduate. – George Sellers, junior


Stay short old sport. Love you Em <3 – Lydia Levy, senior


Dear Syd, Kaya, Kaia, Calie. Nikki, Gwen, Noah, Vinamr, Dev, Owen, Kyle, Rachel, Thank you for looking out for me when I was, and still am, at my lowest point. It is refreshing to know my friends are there for me. – Jake Singer, junior


to all the students at RM from all the staff at RM, we love each and everyone of you, and we would not be here except for you. – Coach Fahrner, staff


To Rina, I love you so much and I’m so grateful for all your amazing work and our amazing friendship. I couldn’t ask for a better human. I love you millions. P.S…. AHHHHH WANNAAA SWEEEEENNG OON THE CHANDALEEHEEER – Anand Chitnis, junior


Mrs. Goetz, If you were a triangle, you’d be ACUTE one! – Mr. Goetz, staff


Sending love to the Rice Guys lunch group, to all those daily laughs and to the crazy energy that you guys channel everyday <3 – Rachel Wang, freshman


Natalie: BEST FRIEND!!!!! I love you. I don’t know if you have a valentine today or not because it’s actually 10 days before valentines when i wrote this. But you know who I’m talking about. If he sees this and still hasn’t asked you out i’m gonna scream in his face and kick his shins. Okay love you best friend!!! Also can we get coffee again like tomorrow???? Thanks!!!!

Grace: HEY BEST FRIEND!!!!! I bet you already know what i’m gonna write about because you actually guessed it…. but for valentine’s day i wanted to give you a coffee for whenever you want. Thank you for always dealing with me and helping feed my coffee addiction. I actually don’t really know how you do it but it’s okay because i love you. Happy Valentine’s day Grace!!!!

Alexis: Hey bestie. Um I guess i love you. Maybe though i don’t know. Can you stop calling me ugly please thanks poopy head. No but actually I love you very much you have no idea how happy you’ve made me. You’re incredibly beautiful and perfect in every way. We’re also getting a dik dik, running away to Canada, and skipping school because i don’t care what you say. K. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! bye stupid head. – Izzy Bohorquez-Stevenson, junior


To my amazing girlfriend Kat:
Thank you for all the laughs, all the support and every moment I’ve spent by your side over the past several months. I love you so much and I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful girlfriend. My heart is all yours. <3 – Zach Teselko, senior


To all my friends: I love you guys for always listening to my sarcasm and wonderful jokes. To Holly: I love you for being THE best husband ever and someone I can tell pretty much everything to. To Zach: You’re always encouraging me, and I always feel much better when you’re by my side. I love you! – Kat Chen, senior


One day, I want to be able to sit down with you on a breezy summer evening, watching the sun dip down behind the horizon, it’s golden glow fading away to reveal a dark sky illuminated with dazzling stars. And we’ll be counting these stars – we’ll the only ones in this whole beautiful world, other than the cicadas chirping around us and maybe a bird or two on a nearby tree. One day, one day… I’m really grateful for the time we’ve had together and I’m truly excited about what the future will bring. There’s still going to be a stupid smile plastered on my face whenever I see you and I’ll always enjoy it when you talk about Star Wars and film (because I love it when you do that). Thanks for being my valentine <3 I love you! – Desiree Chen, freshman


Thank you for all of your positive support this year, Ms. Park! – Ms. Qian, staff


Izzy – hey bae!!!!!! happy valentine’s day!!! i love u so very much; thank u for the endless laughs and the eternal sunshine all year round!! thank u for being more than my best friend and living this crazy life w me! to many more simultaneous laughs and then inhales! luv u twin <3

GDB – WOW KINDEST HUMAN!! thank u x1000000 for always listening to me talk about anything and hanging out w me literally 6 times a week. i could never get tired of they way you always make me laugh and driving around w you in da G wagon. love u endlessly!!!! – Natalie Kent, junior


This is to one of my best friends. Mati, this year has been really fun. You are an amazing person, super kind, smart, and a HELLA talented artist!!! Never stop drawing… I mean it! (thanks for the color wheel). You are always super nice to everyone and always know how to make me laugh. Thank you for hanging out with me, laughing with me, getting into trouble with me, and just being you. I always have so much fun with you no matter what we’re doing. I consider myself extremely lucky to have you as my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day. Stay crazy and keep laughing, love ya

To my bestie of 4 years. Kimia, we’ve known each other since 6th grade and let me just say that there’s never been a dull moment. You always find a way to surprise me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You make me laugh the most out of anyone and I’m always curious to see what you’ll come up with next. I love how fun and go with the flow you are, even though it drives me crazy sometimes. I also love how confident you are and how your not afraid to go after your dream even if it’s risky. It’s a good quality to have, keep it up and UCLA won’t know what hit em. Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day and stay crazy. P.S. I’ll help you find your van if you want 😉

Cleopha, I literally don’t know where to start. There are so many things I love and admire about you, but I’ll start by saying this. You’re the person I look up to the most and aspire to be. Like girl, you’re the literal definition of success! You’re SUPER talented. And as much as I want you to be an artist, Ik you can do that and so much more. I love how you don’t have a mean bone in your body and always try to be fair to everyone. You’re a really good friend to me and super funny. Thanks for all the laughs and Andrew Jackson jokes (You’re the only one I know who can turn history into a joke lol). Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 – Ali Doncheva, freshman


To our wonderful writers, It’s been a pleasure to work with and get to know you all this year. Keep writing! – Christine Zhu and Victoria Tong, features editors

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