Best of Art Show

February 4, 2020

What is the “Best Of” Show?

The show features artwork from many RM and Julius West classes.

Art teacher Ms. Kelly Posey: “The Best Of Show pretty much illustrates all the different classes that are offered and the people who have done the best work in those classes are presented. People should support each other through all of their creative endeavors and if you have friends who are taking art and are serious about art you need to support your friends and come and see what they are doing.”

What brings you to the art show today?

Sophomore Maggie McDermott: “I’m kind of looking at it like a perspective in the now so that I can look at it in the future and look back on it to see how much I’ve improved.”

Junior Gabby Lara: “I like seeing all of the different things people have done, like across the grades. It’s nice to see their creativity.”

What’s your favorite part about the show?

Art teacher Ms. Katherine Stanton: “I like how all of the work looks like super amazing all together and they all kind of complement each other. The assignments are really different compared to the years past. There’s lots of different media next to each other and different assignments and different way to see things.”

Freshman Emma Hagen: “I like the ceramics, they’re really cool.”

Photo by Mary Ma
The art that is showcased reflects a variety of media, including digital.

Principal Mr. Damon Monteleone: “I love the fact that it’s a show for all the different levels of students, and I love especially that we bring up the Julius West middle school kids to showcase their art and really give the community a show that represents the entire RM cluster. This is a chance to get students interested and inspired by having their stuff shown publicly.”

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